Easy foot sizing from mobile

Confidently measure from home using the latest AI, simply scan the front and side of each foot.

Easy footwear scanning
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Easy sizing from home

SizeWise provides accurate, trusted sizing from your mobile device. It is fully calibrated to the retailer and brand environment so you can trust the fit. Reduce returns, confidently purchase online.

Mother with toddler dressing son's shoes at home

Create a Profile

Create profiles for you and your family on your mobile device.


Measure For Size

SizeWise will measure all the key parts of the foot for an accurate sizing.


Get your Size

You will receive your size, confident that it is in the size of the retailer and brand.

About Us

SizeWise is a University Spinout from Dublin based in the prestigious NovaUCD innovation centre. We recently won Gold at the National Startup Awards.

Mother with toddler dressing son's shoes at home
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